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virtual aircraft integration environment

InterSim system is a realistic flight simulator environment, that supports the integration of virtual aircraft models in face-to-face communication.

The InterSim Helicopter trainer provides an advanced immersion in a 3D cockpit and reproduce very realistic controls inputs.

InterSim supply a strong "ready to fly" interactive installation:

  1. Under Linux with high definition video projection (full-scale)
  2. With a single pilot, 5 axes HID USB Helicopter Control Device
  3. With tactile handling specially developped to adapt on our solution

The software for simulation is X-plane the most advanced flight simulator in the world

Its affordability, size, design and precision meet requirements for any helicopter pilot wanting to extend their skills using flight simulator software.

It can also suit to operators for Ab initio, recurrent training, emergency procedure training, procedures memorization...

Also it can be adapted for an home flight helicopter, for initiation experience or for virtual tour demonstration for any customer.

The major advantage of an Interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit is to dispense with any kind of hardware

consequently you will save money and you will own a versatile flight simulator

"A brand new experience in terms of immersion due to an innovative and unique touch system"


Warning!! Ultra realisitc VR (Virtual Reality) IS NOW A REALITY with Xplane11
Have a trial: 30 min for 40€


"With this pedagogic tool you will learn the coordination to pilot helicopters"