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What about realism?

The flight models have been tested by real pilots that fly every day that machine.
Their comments were taken into account and the models have been adjusted accordingly.
All this to be the closest to reality.
Commands sensibility, Climb rate, descent rate, autorotation, reactivity, latency have been evaluated.

What's new with Intersim?

With this trainer you will be in face to face communication with a virtual cockpit in front of you in true proportion.

As you are very close to the screen (about 60 cm) you will get the feeling to fly your real Squirrel or Bell 407 looking through the windshield the size of your helicopter.

The big difference is that you will not flown only looking through a tiny spot in the windshield the size of your monitor.

You will also discover a brand new experience in terms of immersion due to an innovative touch system.

Are you ready to a new level of flight simulation?

What about us?

We are fascinated with the helicopter world;
Our scope is to make a simulator simple and affordable for operators, school, home users…; yet having the best possible quality, standards and immersion.
InterSim aims at improving your skills with a low cost simulator but none certified.