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1- Eurocopter AS350 B3+:

As350b3 0

Eurocopter AS350 B3+ (Squirrel) from Nemeth Design and DreamFoil Creations supply: 

  • Real Procedures - Real Start and Shutdown
  • Accurate Flight Dynamics - Based on Real Aircraft
  • Interior Manipulators - Clickable buttons
  • Realistic Sounds - Over 70 sounds for best sound experience

This model is the most realistic model that you´ll find for any simulator, it has been developed and tested by real world pilots who assured the realism of it


  •           High quality 3D model for exterior and interior
  •           3D Panel and fully clickable switches/buttons
  •           Rotor animations (Starflex / Articulations / Links / Flapping / Coning / Cone drop / Wind)
  •           Turbine simulation (Realistic Arriel 2B1 simulation)
  •           Accurate Torque, Ng, T4 and NR/Nf values
  •           Realistic startup and shutdown procedures (can follow real aircraft checklist)
  •           Controls Friction and Lock
  •           Trim System
  •           VEMD (Vehicle and Engine Management Display) fully simulated
  •           EBCAU (Engine Back-up Control Ancillary Unit) Plugin driven and fully simulated
  •           FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) Plugin driven and fully simulated
  •           CWP (Caution and Warning Panel)
  •           GTX 327 (Transponder) fully simulated
  •           Bendix KR87 (ADF) fully simulated
  •           Realistic Autorotation
  •           Hydraulics and Accumulator simulation
  •           Light circuit simulation
  •           Internal lighting
  •           Rotor brake with controllable intensity
  •           Customizable variants (Police, Medical, Hoist, Transport)
  •           Real time spot light simulation for Search Light (HDR required)
  •           Venting system simulation (include audio)
  •           Working dynamometer for sling load operations
  •           Removable Doors
  •           Exhaust Heat Blur (HDR required)
  •           FLIR camera
  •           Realistic exterior lighting
  •           Over 70 custom sounds for realistic simulation
  •           Realistic startup sound with dynamic sounds
  •           Switches and buttons sounds
  •           Blade slap sound
  •           Low and High rpm horn
  •           Headphone Simulation 


2- Robinson R22 Beta II:

R22 2

  • Accurate Flight Dynamics (Tested by Real Pilots)
  • Real Procedures
  • Realistic Autorotation
  • Main Rotor inertia correctly done
  • Rotor stall simulated
  • Low-G Mast Bumping
  • Accurate Manifold Pressure
  • Balance/CG simulation
  • Governor and Correlator fully simulated
  • Carb Ice simulation
  • First to fully simulate Circuit Breakers
  • Cyclic/Collective frictions
  • Rotor Brake and Clutch simulation
  • Blade Flex / Coning
  • Ground Handling System - Wheels
  • Removable Doors
  • High quality 3D model for interior and exterior
  • Detailed 3D Main Rotor / Tail Rotor
  • Flexible landing skids with correct friction
  • Low rpm resonance vibrations
  • Skids splitting with impact
  • Mixture Cap
  • Windscreen Wool
  • Compass and Climb vibrations


3- Bell 407:

Bell407 1

The Bell 407 is a four-blade, single-engine, civil utility helicopter; a derivative of the Bell 206L-4 LongRanger. The 407 uses the four-blade, soft-in-plane design rotor with composite hub. The Bell 407 is frequently used for corporate and offshore transport, as an air ambulance, law enforcement, electronic news gathering and movie making.

High quality 3D model and textures

  • Cabin, Cockpit and Instruments lights available with great effects.
  • Realistic Flight model / Autorotations
  • Force Trim available
  • Full simulation of all switches and Circuit Breakers
  • Hydraulic simulation - Transient Torque
  • Fadec & Manual startup simulation
  • Extensive commands for assigning with keys or buttons, all overhead switches and circuit breakers are accessible by a custom command
  • Persistent fuel quantity for each livery, so each livery act like a different helicopter
  • Instrument Exceedance simulation (will record any exceedance on MGT, TRQ and NG)
  • Battery + Starter simulation, don't allow your battery voltage to get too low otherwise you'll have problems during the start!
  • Hotstart simulation for manual startup
  • Switchable console bay allow to use Radios or Garmin 430
  • Air Conditioner simulation, including a nice sound that react to vent directions
  • Functional Floats can be deployed during flight for emergency landings or practicing over the water.
  • Tie downs available to main rotor blades
  • Caps for turbine inlet, outlet and pitot
  • Fully articulated 3D rotor and Blade flex
  • GPU (Ground Power Unit) available
  • Pedal stop simulation, the equipment that reduces left pedal authority above 50kts, don't fly without it and push all left pedal, or you'll have troubles!
  • Transmission limit simulation, don't push it too far or you can break the transmission.
  • Removable rotor shadows - Low and High skids options

Stability Improvements

  • Arcade mode is available for beginners
  • Pitch, Roll and Yaw augmented stability uses own algorithm for improved behavior
  • New Rigid cruise feature, allow the stability to progressively increase from hover to cruise, allowing longer flights without need of keep fighting with controls all the flight, while keeping the hover challenge intact.

Others models working on X-plane 10 can be availables