Sim Trial:

If you need a pedagogic solution for your training, the simulator trial is possible.

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Does you ever flown into a simulator?:

Pilots normally have difficulties to fly on any simulator, no matter how many hours they do have, a flight simulator will never be like real thing so they miss reactions, feelings, etc, from real thing, also the lack of 3D vision due to you be looking at a 2D screen will confuse most of them.

You must be adapted to simulators before comparing to real thing.

However, what are the new things with InterSim simulator?:

As you are very close to the screen (about 60 cm) you will get the feeling to fly your real Squirrel or Bell 407 looking through the windshield the size of your helicopter.

The big difference is that you will not flown only looking through a tiny spot in the windshield the size of your monitor.

You will also discover a brand new experience in terms of immersion due to an innovative touch system.

Special request:

InterSim can assist you to install all devices according to your location.

We works for constant improvement regarding touch screen functionality and quality.

Touch screen (with finger) is now implemented Look at "Features" section

Other improvement like mapping and warping projection is currently under study and realization.

Also Multi projection and multi station adaptation for larger visual angle effect on curved screen is possible.


Support can be provided by remote control; an Internet connection is required for that.