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Technical characteristics

Characteristics of display:

  • depend of 3D model panel and aircraft type.
  • We recommend about it, but custom dimension can be available.


For Helicopter models type:  

  • HD 16:9 (200 cm x 140 cm High Definition picture)
  • Visual display: 70° vertical x 110° horizontal field of view (flat)
  • Realistic Down view: if you look at your foots, you will see the ground (runway)
  • 25<fps<50 (video refresh rate)
  • Horizontal 15" Touch display & 3D view buttons control (or control by mouse)
  • Low latency control response thanks to Linux
  • Front projection (Rear projection is possible)
  • Only on video projector required
  • All simulated devices are reachable by mouse


  • Instructor Operator Station (IOS) designed in X-plane to control instructional functions like meteorological conditions, environment, airports and simulated aircraft failures (Emergency Procedures Training)
  • Specific 3D modelling of visual objects such as Oil Rigs, Helipads and Ships.